Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Interchanges.com Explains the importance of Domain names

Domain Names are very important and we at Interchanges.com believe that domain name is very essential for an internet marketing campaign.Lets take a look at the various parameters that help in choosing the correct domain name.

Short and keyword rich
If you have SEO in mind then a good domain name is very important for your business. First and foremost it should have your keyword. In addition, it should be short and easy to remember. Being in the SEO industry we can safely say that URL’s of pages and the anchor text of links linking to these pages play an important role in Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The presence of an appropriate keyword in the domain name will do no harm to your SEO campaign as most webmasters generate links by making use of the business name in the anchor text. This will make sure that your keyword is present in the anchor text as well as the URL.

Long may do
There may be a possibility that you don’t get a short domain name which incorporates your most general keyword. In this case a long domain name (not more than 3-4 words) can be considered. For example let us assume that you are an internet marketing service provider and you can’t get a domain by the name of internetmarketing.com. Here a domain name such as internetmarketingusa.com may also serve the purpose as it gives an idea of your business and geographical location.

Some may argue that in choosing a domain name with keywords you compromise on the branding, but we at Interchanges.com feel that since both these parameters are equally important one can have domain name as the name of the company and then "/" followed by keywords targeting specific pages. This strategy has worked consistently for us and we are sure that its the right strategy.